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EMO FEST 1: 500DaysOfSummer Hangover


Okay. Last night I finally got to watch 500 Days of Summer and I confess.. it got me. It got me really hard. I woke up with a severe case of Tom-Summer-gitis.. LOL. and I can’t seem to get rid of this disease.

The movie made certain facts – that I was then too blind to notice – clear to me. Pardon me because this post will be a little lengthy.


It’s funny how our expectations can go mute and still look pleasant. Well.. it’s more than pleasant. It’s whimsical. It’s enough to take us to this world where the only thing that can lead us to danger is when we eat too much butterflies.. or something. Or dancing on top of a cake not noticing it’s ruining our shoes. Or singing our hearts out – and carrying a tune – making people want to hear us sing until we can’t sing anymore.

And the reality. Filled with sounds of laughter. Well.. of other people’s laughter. Everything seems magical.. pleasing – if you ask me. It pleases everyone. Except the one facing the bitter facts.. wishing his eyes were tightly shut letting no stream of light pass through our vulnerable eyelids.. breaking our already-dying heart. it breaks us. Making restoring us seem like completing a million-pieced puzzle.


Right love is waiting for you to make it happen. It’s funny just the other day, I had this conversation with a friend about how love might be waiting for her in a party she failed to go to. Go out there! Meet someone! Make it happen.

It wasn’t love between Summer and Tom.. but to Tom it is. Given that it was only him who believed that it is, indeed, love makes their love questionable. Then Summer married some guy, Tom felt really badly about it. Okay. Let me go against my point. It may be love – the thing between Summer and Tom – but it was not meant to be. Love plus fate results to ACCIDENTAL LOVE and accidental love is the best kind of love there is. It’s the most magical. Surreal but slap yourself.. IT’S REAL!


Just because you clicked doesn’t mean you’re perfect for each other.


When you’re trying to get over someone, don’t just look back on happy memories.. dude! SNAP OUT OF IT! There are bad ones too! And those rotten tomatoes in a basket of fresh, ripe, and juicy bunch can cause the good ones to go bad. What I’m trying to say here is that: It ended! It ended because of a certain reason. Something bad happened. It’s true that the good ones are too awesome to be forgotten but stop fooling yourself! The bad ones are just as important. They are of greater power in dictating which way your (you and your then-partner”s) fate will go to.
Best thing to do is to ask yourself: is going back to the time where the sun is shinning, the birds are singing, the sky is at its bluest shade worth coming back to? Given that in your heart it’s going to be forced – fate did not bring you two back together but it’s a result of late night text messages of you begging and being insanley pathetic or a series of convincing your friends to find a way to get you two back together. We all know that it’s plain DUMB!



THERE ARE MILLIONS OF FISHES IN THE SEA. Go grab your fishing rod, wear your best fishing outfit, get the best worms.. wait patiently. If you can’t get some there, then off to the next pond you go!

The movie has taught me a lot. And I feel bad. I preach but I can’t practice. BOO ME!
I’m embarrassed by this post.