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Gaudi – Serendra

Last night I went to dinner with two of my favorite friends. We went to Gaudi, a Spanish restaurant at Serendra.


the Paella that almost didn’t make it

I must say the food was awesome! But man.. the service! Particularly this waiter who messed up our order… GADDD!

First thing we ordered was Arroz con Marisco the waiter even did his spiel about the dish.. then he left. Then a waitress came to get the rest (or so we think) of our order: Gambas al Ajillo, Croquetas Mixtas, two iced teas, and Coke. **sorry failed to take photos of our appetizers.. busy talking 😀

Bread for the table. GOOD!

Appetizers served.. DELECTABLE!

As indicated on the menu, we waited for thirty (30) minutes for the paella. Thirty minutes came.. no paella’s on our table yet. Forty-five minutes.. an hour.. STILL NO PAELLA! Good thing my friend thought of reminding them of our order. Then the waiter came and told us that we didn’t order for such dish. And we were like WTF! So we went on and “ordered” for Arroz con Marisco.


good thing it was good

FINALLY! PAELLA! Good thing the dish was spectacular.


free dessert

Then after paying.. the crew pulled a 360 by giving us a complementary dessert that we hardly ate.

Thanks to the blunder we failed to have a real dessert at Miss Desserts. 😦

I’d give this restaurant an 9 out of 10.. but since the guy messed up I’d give it a 7 😦