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Wishlist For Christmas 2010 :)


It’s December again and you know what that means!

It’s that time of the year when some guy relays to the whole world a list of things he wants to have to make him feel loved. Haha. But sadly, it seems like my parents were the only ones responding to my biannual (Christmas and birthday) wish list. It’s a miracle, though, because they never read the one I previously posted. Not even one out of the bunch!

Let’s cut the yada yada, skip the unnecessary statements (like this one) and go to the juicy part. The part where I start to wish I had a magical lamp beside me and rub it to please me. Materially, that is.. I said enough with the unimportant speech!!! Haha.

1. A camera flash. Everyone needs one. I’m in need.. in dire need of one.. or two 🙂 OR THREE.

2. A studio with complete equipments: lights, background, barndoors, and the list goes on….. A person is never satisfied so let’s take things a gazillion of notches higher.

3. An awesome bag (or more). Man purse, sling bag, backpack. Leather, canvas. Big, small.

4. A red 2010 Ford Focus. A/T. 😀

5. Lenses for fashion photography and portraiture.

6. A really artsy and rad pendant on a leather necklace. And/or a Mauvais Garçon clay pendant.

7. More artsy looking bracelets.

8. Shirts of every color possible which has “J’adore Mauvais Garçon” hand painted on it.

9. A 17inch Mac Book Pro.

10. A black and/or red tracker cap with, again, “J’adore Mauvais Garçon” printed on it.

11. More Moleskines!!! Of different colors and sizes. Sketch pads or the ruled one. Hardbound please 😀

12. Pens that will be awesome for doodling.

13. A customized camera strap with, for the nth time, “J’adore Mauvais Garçon” stitched on it.

14. An English Bulldog.

15. A pearl rosary that can be worn as a necklace. Pearl’s my birthstone.

16. A website of my own

17. Justice for the Maguindanao massacre

18. A better Philippines

19. A peaceful election.. free from cheating, killing, and anomaly

20. Love life. Nge hahaha.

21. A desktop computer with stuff (memory and stuff [I don’t know the terms]) that will be good enough for photography and to store movies, songs, and other stuff I have. OR have the one I have here upgraded.

22. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (book)

23. A photoshoot with Sitti, Miriam Quiambao, and Gael Garcia Bernal.

24. Loafers, espadrilles, canvas sneakers (no loud colored ones please :D)

Whew! Guess that would be it. I stopped typing for like 20 minutes then tried to think of more stuff to include but thought of nothing… so yeah… that’s it!

And remember:


: )

Happy Christmas everyone!


don’t let me be this sad this Christmas 🙂