Project Calendar (behind the scenes)

Most of the photos I have posted are from a 12-set shoot for a calendar.. but it’s not going to be sold or something. It’s going to be used by the model/client personally.

It was really tiring! We had to run, work fast, and fix relevant stuff faster. Plus our biggest downer: TIME CONSTRAINT! We had to produce 12 sets in three hours! It’s funny how a page of a calendar remains unmoved for, well, a month when us, the ones working on it, had less than a day to do it.

Nonetheless, it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever been part of 😀

So here’s a taste of how the shoot was like, ermmm.. before the chaos started:


me and Gem (makeup artist)


me and Genetricieva (model)


makeup artist and model


me, Genetricieva, and Gem


the tandem 😀 (after the shoot) DUCK! My nose looks flat here! DUCK DUCK!


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