It’s been months since a local techie site asked me to do photography for them. BUT STILL! Every time I see their feature about me, I can’t help but still feel ecstatic.

Here’s how the article goes:

A graduating marketing student of San Beda, Arvin discovered the art of photography a few months back when they had a school project for a marketing campaign on their own clothing line. Inspiration struck and, since then, he’s taken it upon himself to take the camera to take art as they are from landscape to high fashion photography. Although still a hobby, he’s learning through different people and groups to explore the world of photography. When asked if ever he’ll be doing it as a profession, he replies with a smile, saying “If I can still do this in 5-10 year time, why not? I can use my photography for advertising and besides, I’m having fun with it right now.”

I did my part. Took photos of the model named Anne. The experience was awesome, given the idea that it was my first time to do a studio shoot.


Here are some photos I took:





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  1. Can I get a woot woot!

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